The Young Turks

how-to-submit-a-design-to-shoptyt 01:40

How To Submit a Design to ShopTYT!

2 hours ago     49 Views    
the-talk-that-is-mandatory-in-black-families 04:09

‘The Talk’ That Is MANDATORY In Black Families.

2 hours ago     50 Views    
fox-news-ignores-proud-boys-blames-antifa-for-their-violence 04:49

Fox News Ignores Proud Boys, Blames ANTIFA Fo...

2 hours ago     229 Views    
trump-s-bonkers-60-minutes-interview 47:28

Trump's BONKERS '60 Minutes' Interview

5 hours ago     128 Views    
kushner-gets-busted-not-paying-taxes 08:47

Kushner Gets Busted Not Paying Taxes

13 hours ago     162 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-the-focus-of-the-democratic-party-should-be 24:07

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Focus of the De...

13 hours ago     50 Views    
republican-caught-lying-about-being-native-american 09:40

Republican Caught Lying About Being Native Am...

13 hours ago     87 Views    
breaking-stormy-daniels-loses-to-trump-in-court 04:20

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels Loses To Trump In Court

14 hours ago     25 Views    
trump-owes-elizabeth-warren-1-million 07:49

Trump Owes Elizabeth Warren $1 Million

14 hours ago     36 Views    
trump-gets-defensive-about-putin 09:47

Trump Gets Defensive About Putin

14 hours ago     212 Views    
elizabeth-warren-calls-trump-s-bluff 13:10

Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump's Bluff

15 hours ago     32 Views    
trump-explains-kim-jong-un-love 11:00

Trump Explains Kim Jong Un "Love"

15 hours ago     133 Views    
trump-s-daddy-issues-revealed 11:17

Trump's Daddy Issues Revealed

16 hours ago     47 Views    
trump-defends-christine-blasey-ford-mocking 10:24

Trump Defends Christine Blasey Ford Mocking

16 hours ago     218 Views    
ana-on-rising-fascism 06:50

Ana On Rising Fascism

16 hours ago     360 Views    
ana-on-white-people-calling-911-epidemic 04:38

Ana On White People Calling 911 Epidemic

17 hours ago     382 Views    
ana-on-trump-s-response-to-khashoggi-killing 08:50

Ana On Trump's Response To Khashoggi Killing

17 hours ago     190 Views    
john-iadarola-vs-the-dog 01:51

John Iadarola vs The Dog

19 hours ago     49 Views    
the-weirdest-gifts-money-can-buy 07:58

The WEIRDEST Gifts Money Can Buy

1 day ago     97 Views    
white-supremacist-congressman-challenged 10:05

White Supremacist Congressman Challenged

1 day ago     47 Views    


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