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man-brings-pizza-to-teen-s-house-meets-chris-hansen-instead 21:07

Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris...

4 days ago     75,051 Views    
creepy-viral-video-throws-red-herring-in-search-for-missing-teen 14:24

Creepy viral video throws red herring in sear...

6 days ago     56,261 Views    
was-it-self-defense-or-did-a-social-media-post-reveal-something-more-sinister 16:49

Was it self-defense or did a social media pos...

1 week ago     73,410 Views    
she-was-forced-to-watch-her-own-grave-being-dug-by-the-very-people-she-trusted 22:12

She was forced to watch her own grave being d...

1 week ago     177,602 Views    
couple-dismembers-dancer 12:40

Couple dismembers dancer

1 week ago     26,434 Views    
jas-and-tas-whitehead-full-episode 22:05

Jas and Tas Whitehead (Full episode)

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
oklahoma-teens-who-vanished-after-police-chase-remain-missing 15:30

Oklahoma teens who vanished after police chas...

2 weeks ago     41 Views    
good-samaritan-wounded-while-saving-woman-from-attacker 00:46

Good Samaritan wounded while saving woman fro...

2 weeks ago     209 Views    
the-one-where-chris-hansen-recognizes-the-guy-from-the-train 10:45

The one where Chris Hansen recognizes the guy...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
small-town-investors-lose-big-time-fortunes-in-local-ponzi-scheme 03:55

Small-town investors lose big-time fortunes i...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
heroes-save-school-board-meeting 10:18

Heroes save school board meeting

2 weeks ago     51 Views    
8-and-a-half-months-pregnant-and-missing 15:20

8 and a half months pregnant and missing

2 weeks ago     44 Views    
they-went-on-a-cruise-to-save-their-marriage-bad-idea 15:36

They went on a cruise to save their marriage....

2 weeks ago     43 Views    
fighting-to-free-their-father-from-prison 18:52

Fighting to free their father from prison

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
how-the-fight-over-actor-brent-corrigan-led-to-an-unspeakable-crime 18:27

How the fight over actor Brent Corrigan led t...

2 weeks ago     94 Views    
john-blauvelt-suspected-in-the-death-of-his-wife-cati 16:04

John Blauvelt suspected in the death of his w...

3 weeks ago     48 Views    
she-gave-me-headaches-all-the-time-but-i-didn-t-mean-it-like-i-wish-something-would-happen-to-her 08:08

"She gave me headaches all the time, but I di...

3 weeks ago     39 Views    
he-married-his-niece-then-wound-up-dead 26:09

He married his niece... then wound up dead

3 weeks ago     329 Views    
who-could-do-something-so-sick-so-cruel 17:40

Who could do something so sick, so cruel?

3 weeks ago     39 Views    
twin-sister-tries-to-solve-mystery 12:05

Twin sister tries to solve mystery

3 weeks ago     50 Views    


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