crypto-exchanges-exploding-right-on-cue-bix-weir 10:27

Crypto Exchanges Exploding...Right on Cue! (B...

2 weeks ago     100 Views    
crypto-manipulation-and-satoshi-s-dream-bix-weir 19:18

Crypto Manipulation and Satoshi's Dream!! (Bi...

2 weeks ago     148 Views    
dick-allgire-is-the-reason-we-are-losing-america-bix-weir 18:30

Dick Allgire is the REASON We are Losing Amer...

2 weeks ago     33 Views    
10-things-to-save-america-bix-weir 16:12

10 Things to SAVE America! (Bix Weir)

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
economic-chaos-planned-for-last-friday-in-october-bix-weir 16:08

Economic Chaos Planned for Last Friday in Oct...

3 weeks ago     144 Views    
the-man-is-monitoring-roota-s-horn-of-zeese-bix-weir 14:49

"The Man" is Monitoring Roota's Horn of Zeese...

3 weeks ago     71 Views    
trump-flips-news-narrative-to-win-again-bix-weir 14:49

Trump Flips News Narrative to Win AGAIN! (Bix...

3 weeks ago     101 Views    
explosive-devices-who-was-targeted-who-benefits-bix-weir 11:17

Explosive Devices? Who Was Targeted? Who Bene...

3 weeks ago     178 Views    
litecoin-update-1-means-of-exchange-bix-weir 16:12

Litecoin Update! #1 "Means of Exchange!!" (Bi...

3 weeks ago     113 Views    
deutsche-bank-fails-again-w-42t-derivative-book-teetering-bix-weir 13:31

Deutsche Bank Fails AGAIN w/ $42T Derivative ...

3 weeks ago     57 Views    
the-mexican-caravan-conspiracy-a-6-month-walk-bix-weir 10:03

The Mexican Caravan Conspiracy...a 6 Month Wa...

3 weeks ago     93 Views    
crypto-tsunami-of-money-coming-very-soon-bix-weir 16:33

Crypto Tsunami of Money Coming VERY Soon!! (B...

3 weeks ago     70 Views    
dow-crashing-as-jim-cramer-screams-buy-2008-redux-bix-weir 14:29

Dow Crashing as Jim Cramer Screams BUY!...200...

3 weeks ago     120 Views    
silver-gold-update-from-the-garden-bix-weir 14:20

Silver/Gold Update from the Garden! (Bix Weir)

3 weeks ago     142 Views    
bitcoin-price-stable-but-veritaseum-salt-lending-are-booming-bix-weir 16:56

Bitcoin Price Stable...but Veritaseum & SALT ...

3 weeks ago     94 Views    
alert-silver-market-shenanigans-bix-weir 12:02


4 weeks ago     121 Views    
voting-fraud-in-america-of-course-bix-weir 10:10

Voting Fraud in America?...Of Course! (Bix Weir)

4 weeks ago     100 Views    
900m-mega-millions-lottery-how-i-m-gonna-win-bix-weir 14:40

$900M Mega Millions Lottery...How I'm Gonna W...

4 weeks ago     81 Views    
roota-s-road-show-is-in-the-works-bix-weir 12:51

"Roota's Road Show" in the Works! (Bix W...

4 weeks ago     54 Views    
litecoin-song-released-on-itunes-right-before-the-moon-shot-bix-weir 15:27

Litecoin Song Released on iTunes!!...Right Be...

4 weeks ago     111 Views    


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