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1-week-after-shocking-doc-revealed-google-ceo-china-is-important-for-us 26:42

1 Week After Shocking Doc Revealed- Google CE...

5 hours ago     46 Views    
q-powerful-reminder-of-what-end-goal-of-storm-looks-like 24:46

Q Powerful Reminder of What End Goal of Storm...

1 day ago     50 Views    
bizarre-online-anti-trump-conspiracy-theories-pick-up-steam 41:31

Bizarre Online Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories...

1 day ago     51 Views    
ginsburg-shocks-us-again-unthinkable-for-a-sc-judge 06:53

Ginsburg Shocks Us Again! Unthinkable For a S...

3 days ago     102 Views    
hillary-loses-security-clearance-nothing-to-see-here 17:25

Hillary Loses Security Clearance! Nothing to ...

4 days ago     50 Views    
the-true-meaning-behind-the-kanye-visit-to-white-house 07:59

The TRUE Meaning Behind the Kanye Visit to Wh...

5 days ago     180 Views    
msm-trump-sessions-relationship-damaged-beyond-repair 26:40

MSM: Trump-Sessions Relationship "Damaged Bey...

6 days ago     79 Views    
trump-authorized-q-statement-10-9-18-a-closer-look 02:42

Trump "Authorized" (Q) Statement 10-9-18: A C...

6 days ago     50 Views    
q-statement-release-10-9-18-exclude-emotion-and-personal-desire 31:28

Q Statement Release 10-9-18: "Exclude emotion...

1 week ago     50 Views    
shocker-antifa-thugs-take-over-portland-harass-those-who-disobey 33:11

Shocker! Antifa Thugs Take Over Portland, Har...

1 week ago     152 Views    
q-firm-reassurance-change-is-coming 36:43

Q Firm Reassurance [CHANGE IS COMING]

1 week ago     91 Views    
q-team-today-the-republic-took-back-control 27:37

Q Team: "Today, the Republic, Took Back Control"

1 week ago     50 Views    
booooom-trump-confirms-q-anon-to-vip-anon 30:27

Booooom! Trump Confirms Q Anon to VIP Anon!!!

1 week ago     130 Views    
q-anon-update-are-you-ready-to-see-arrests 37:04

Q Anon Update: "Are You Ready to See Arrests?"

1 week ago     50 Views    
ta-da-sessions-subpoenaed-to-produce-unredacted-docs-today-10-4 39:44

TA-DA!! Sessions Subpoenaed to Produce Unreda...

1 week ago     118 Views    
shocker-ford-08-article-on-self-hypnosis-to-create-artificial-situations 27:26

Shocker!! Ford '08 Article On "Self Hypnosis"...

2 weeks ago     99 Views    
prosecutor-s-senate-report-conclusion-ford-not-credible 26:22

Prosecutor's Senate Report Conclusion: Ford N...

2 weeks ago     241 Views    
feinstein-office-ford-attorneys-now-under-investigation 33:16

Feinstein Office, Ford Attorneys Now Under In...

2 weeks ago     156 Views    
decoded-the-trump-historic-u-n-speech-everyone-got-distracted-from 14:08

DECODED: The Trump Historic U.N. Speech Every...

2 weeks ago     196 Views    
boom-first-kavanaugh-accuser-referred-for-criminal-prosecution 16:53

BOOM! First Kavanaugh Accuser Referred For Cr...

2 weeks ago     78 Views    


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