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antifa-takes-over-the-streets-of-portland-while-police-stand-and-watch 03:08

AntiFa Takes Over The Streets Of Portland Whi...

1 week ago     92 Views    
after-not-being-able-to-fight-with-antifa-patriot-prayer-members-fight-each-other 03:07

After Not Being Able To Fight With AntiFa - P...

2 months ago     46 Views    
immigrant-proud-boy-argues-with-sjw-and-trolls-a-troll 06:03

Immigrant Proud Boy Argues With SJW And Troll...

2 months ago     9 Views    
patriot-prayer-and-proud-boys-decide-to-march-in-downtown-portland 16:38

Patriot Prayer And Proud Boys Decide To March...

2 months ago     10 Views    
portland-police-usher-antifa-off-of-bridge-overlooking-patriot-prayer-march 02:55

Portland Police Usher AntiFa Off Of Bridge Ov...

2 months ago     12 Views    
antifa-recruiter-heckler-gets-pushed-out-of-patriot-prayer-rally 01:27

AntiFa Recruiter/Heckler Gets Pushed Out Of P...

2 months ago     14 Views    
portland-police-use-riot-control-agents-on-antifa-after-ppb-suv-gets-windows-smashed 04:52

Portland Police Use Riot Control Agents On An...

2 months ago     12 Views    
antifa-and-others-march-to-oppose-patriot-prayer-at-the-portland-waterfront 04:57

AntiFa And Others March To Oppose Patriot Pra...

2 months ago     45 Views    
leftist-cant-tell-me-who-black-proud-boys-are-racist-against-which-led-me-into-a-great-conversation 03:39

Leftist Cant Tell Me Who Black Proud Boys Are...

2 months ago     50 Views    
portland-police-confiscate-flag-poles-from-patriots-who-showed-up-early-to-the-portland-waterfront 04:11

Portland Police Confiscate Flag Poles From Pa...

2 months ago     78 Views    
funfact-fascism-is-a-leftist-ideology-sorrynotsorry 01:53

#FunFact Fascism Is A Leftist Ideology #Sorry...

2 months ago     26 Views    
a-boat-full-of-immigrants-lands-on-a-packed-spanish-beach-and-take-off-running 01:30

A Boat Full Of “Immigrants” Lands On A Packed...

2 months ago     50 Views    
white-nationalist-group-patriot-front-attack-texas-abolishice-camp 02:21

White Nationalist Group “Patriot Front” Attac...

2 months ago     43 Views    
3-libs-cant-tell-me-why-im-a-fash-blacked-out-the-strobe-light-he-put-to-my-camera 03:02

3 Libs Cant Tell Me Why Im A Fash - Blacked O...

2 months ago     30 Views    
6-guys-on-one-antifa 00:46

6 Guys On One AntiFa

2 months ago     10 Views    
homeland-security-takes-out-9-occupyicepdx-protesters-blocking-traffic 01:40

Homeland Security Takes Out 9 #OccupyICEPDX P...

2 months ago     22 Views    
occupyicepdx-protester-questions-joey-gibson-on-his-immigration-policy-thoughts 04:37

#OccupyICEPDX Protester Questions Joey Gibson...

2 months ago     32 Views    
spending-a-day-at-occupyicepdx 03:30

Spending A Day At #OccupyICEPDX

2 months ago     6 Views    
joey-gibson-and-others-crash-occupyicepdx 07:02

Joey Gibson And Others Crash #OccupyICEPDX

2 months ago     15 Views    
occupyicepdx-protester-interrupts-a-news-interview-with-grace-only-a-leftist-can-have 06:11

#OccupyICEPDX Protester Interrupts A News Int...

2 months ago     26 Views    


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