this-husky-was-horrifically-abused-by-two-marines-but-his-heartbreaking-story-didn-t-end-there 05:17

This Husky Was Horrifically Abused By Two Mar...

2 weeks ago     9,707 Views    
woman-found-what-looked-like-a-piece-of-glass-then-she-discovered-its-staggering-true-value 06:39

Woman Found What Looked Like A Piece Of Glass...

3 weeks ago     68 Views    
when-man-found-out-his-dog-was-dying-what-they-did-together-was-incredible 04:57

When Man Found Out His Dog Was Dying, What Th...

3 weeks ago     36 Views    
this-enormous-ice-shelf-has-broken-up-and-it-s-revealed-a-mysterious-primeval-ecosystem 06:27

This Enormous Ice Shelf Has Broken Up – And I...

4 weeks ago     67 Views    
dolo-was-starved-and-chained-up-so-tightly-that-he-became-barely-recognizable-as-a-lion 06:59

Dolo Was Starved And Chained Up So Tightly Th...

4 weeks ago     97 Views    
when-these-escaped-pit-bulls-walked-into-a-hospital-onlookers-stood-frozen-to-the-spot 05:53

When These Escaped Pit Bulls Walked Into A Ho...

1 month ago     102 Views    
this-cat-knocked-on-their-door-every-day-for-two-years-for-one-surprising-reason 04:50

This Cat Knocked On Their Door Every Day For ...

1 month ago     50 Views    
archaeologists-unearthed-a-stone-age-village-that-could-help-rewrite-human-history 07:42

Archaeologists Unearthed A Stone Age Village ...

1 month ago     60 Views    
this-elephant-spent-30-years-neglected-by-a-zoo-until-activists-stepped-up-to-set-him-free 07:07

This Elephant Spent 30 Years Neglected By A Z...

1 month ago     59 Views    
in-2013-these-incredible-moon-landing-relics-were-recovered-from-the-bottom-of-the-atlantic 07:43

In 2013 These Incredible Moon Landing Relics ...

1 month ago     49 Views    
an-archaeologist-was-exploring-a-cave-in-europe-when-he-found-an-incredible-43-000-year-old-relic 07:50

An Archaeologist Was Exploring A Cave In Euro...

1 month ago     48 Views    
when-this-lost-dog-met-a-pack-of-wild-coyotes-how-the-encounter-unfolded-left-experts-stunned 05:53

When This Lost Dog Met A Pack Of Wild Coyotes...

1 month ago     52 Views    
take-a-mind-blowing-tour-of-the-u-s-navy-s-newest-largest-and-most-futuristic-destroyer 06:24

Take a Mind blowing Tour of the U S Navy’s N...

1 month ago     50 Views    
scientists-believe-they-may-at-last-have-solved-the-mystery-of-the-bermuda-triangle 05:44

Scientists Believe They May At Last Have Solv...

1 month ago     7,604 Views    
after-these-dogs-were-stuffed-into-bags-on-a-bike-they-could-so-easily-have-met-a-horrific-end 05:36

After These Dogs Were Stuffed Into Bags On A ...

1 month ago     44 Views    
scientists-have-discovered-the-largest-dinosaur-footprint-ever-found-and-it-s-one-of-thousands 06:41

Scientists Have Discovered The Largest Dinosa...

1 month ago     49 Views    
locals-were-baffled-by-these-washed-up-carcasses-but-now-scientists-may-have-solved-the-mystery 06:28

Locals Were Baffled By These Washed Up Carcas...

1 month ago     5,074 Views    
his-toddler-kept-getting-sick-then-they-found-something-horrible-inside-the-boy-s-sippy-cup 04:30

His Toddler Kept Getting Sick Then They Foun...

1 month ago     44 Views    
how-a-guy-transformed-this-backyard-for-his-little-cousins-went-beyond-their-wildest-dreams 07:06

How A Guy Transformed This Backyard For His L...

1 month ago     81 Views    
this-woman-took-in-a-cute-and-tiny-puppy-but-one-year-later-it-was-basically-a-giant 05:00

This Woman Took In A Cute And Tiny Puppy, But...

1 month ago     2,555 Views    


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