the-best-for-home-defense-benelli-m4 17:03

The Best For Home Defense?!?! Benelli M4

5 days ago     432,292 Views    
the-pillow-silencer-myth 17:18

The Pillow Silencer Myth!!!

1 week ago     574,915 Views    
does-phone-book-body-armor-work 11:53

Does Phone Book Body Armor Work???

2 weeks ago     195,069 Views    
i-have-german-stick-grenade 12:27

I Have German Stick Grenade!!!

3 weeks ago     328,351 Views    
can-it-really-break-a-chain 12:42

Can It Really Break a Chain???

3 weeks ago     355,544 Views    
will-a-roman-helmet-stop-an-arrow 13:39

Will A Roman Helmet Stop an Arrow???

1 month ago     1 Views    
this-actually-exists-dbr-snake 15:32


1 month ago     444,994 Views    
the-power-of-a-tank-muzzle-blast 11:50

The Power of a Tank Muzzle Blast!!!

1 month ago     429,018 Views    
can-flex-seal-stop-a-bullet 13:16

Can Flex Seal Stop a Bullet???

1 month ago     286,181 Views    
can-flex-tape-stop-a-ps90 11:23

Can Flex Tape Stop a PS90???

1 month ago     451,068 Views    
i-made-airsoft-versions-of-my-real-guns 14:19

I Made AIRSOFT versions of my REAL GUNS!

2 months ago     311,704 Views    
i-duct-taped-a-cannon-to-the-hood 12:10

I Duct Taped a Cannon to The Hood!

2 months ago     205,209 Views    
how-fast-can-an-m249-saw-saw-a-board 12:55

How Fast can an M249 SAW saw a board???

2 months ago     393,620 Views    
this-is-a-game-changer 14:26

This is a Game Changer!

2 months ago     323,512 Views    
can-my-arsenal-make-it-through-this-hay-bale 15:17

Can My Arsenal Make it Through This Hay Bale???

2 months ago     714,463 Views    
making-a-fireball-shooting-gun 14:55

Making a Fireball Shooting Gun...

2 months ago     256,351 Views    
upgraded-shield-how-bulletproof-is-it 16:01

Upgraded Shield, How Bulletproof is it???

3 months ago     327,376 Views    
wicked-custom-shotgun-shells 11:55

Wicked Custom Shotgun Shells

3 months ago     325,065 Views    
my-first-sbr 12:21

My First SBR!!!

3 months ago     315,665 Views    
coonan-357-magnum-hand-cannon 10:10

Coonan 357 Magnum Hand Cannon!!!

4 months ago     3,010 Views    


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