man-walks-up-and-gives-tommy-sotomayor-money-on-the-streets-in-dallas-tx-in-appreciation-4-his-work 03:21

Man Walks Up And Gives Tommy Sotomayor Money ...

2 weeks ago     6 Views    
dallas-police-officer-stops-tommy-sotomayor-as-he-walked-along-dealey-plaza 04:37

Dallas Police Officer Stops Tommy SOtomayor A...

2 weeks ago     1 Views    
get-yout-tickets-to-see-tommy-sotomayor-live-in-dallas-nov-4th 01:06

Get Yout Tickets To See Tommy Sotomayor Live ...

2 weeks ago     21 Views    
darkskinned-heavy-set-weave-wearer-yet-still-a-tommy-sotomayor-fan-excited-to-see-him 05:08

DarkSkinned, Heavy Set, Weave Wearer Yet Stil...

2 weeks ago     46 Views    
youtuber-tours-dealey-plaza-tells-the-undeniable-truth-about-the-jfk-assassination 1:16:21

YouTuber Tours Dealey Plaza & Tells The Unden...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
whyte-liberals-get-into-a-heated-discussion-with-a-blk-conservative-over-his-maga-trump-hat 04:21

Whyte Liberals Get Into A Heated Discussion W...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
as-the-black-youtube-world-turns-historic-hilarious-events-that-took-place-today-online-tommy 2:35:10

As The Black YouTube World Turns! Historic Hi...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
the-real-reason-that-people-are-turning-away-from-the-democrats-in-large-numbers 09:41

The Real Reason That People Are Turning Away ...

2 weeks ago     54 Views    
democrats-using-scare-tactics-fake-bmbs-to-make-trump-republicans-look-bad-win-elections 16:36

Democrats Using Scare Tactics & Fake Bmbs To ...

3 weeks ago     2,821 Views    
is-cultural-appropriation-just-code-for-blk-wmn-being-jealous-of-whyte-wmn-213-943-3362 3:02:57

Is Cultural Appropriation Just Code For Blk W...

3 weeks ago     9,944 Views    
why-are-only-whyte-wmn-being-accused-of-culture-appropriation-but-not-white-men-or-blk-wmn 50:21

Why Are Only Whyte Wmn Being Accused Of Cultu...

3 weeks ago     5,743 Views    
pt-2-blaque-hood-chicks-explaining-why-nice-guys-finish-last-why-they-prefer-thugs 58:56

Pt 2 Blaque Hood Chicks Explaining Why Nice G...

3 weeks ago     5,612 Views    
blaque-hood-chicks-explaining-why-nice-guys-finish-last-why-they-prefer-thugs 29:46

Blaque Hood Chicks Explaining Why Nice Guys F...

3 weeks ago     6,851 Views    
is-it-wrong-to-view-rae-carruth-as-a-hero-and-a-revolutionary-213-943-3362 2:52:50

Is It Wrong To View Rae Carruth As A Hero And...

3 weeks ago     12,053 Views    
breaking-news-rae-carruth-released-from-jail-is-he-an-villain-or-is-he-a-revolutionary 58:26

Breaking News! Rae Carruth Released From Jail...

3 weeks ago     7,124 Views    
does-wearing-weaves-show-that-blk-wmn-are-ashamed-of-being-blk-213-943-3362-w-irene 3:21:03

Does Wearing Weaves Show That Blk Wmn Are Ash...

3 weeks ago     14,406 Views    
pt-2-dear-weave-addicts-please-call-explain-how-ur-love-for-weave-isn-t-self-h8-213-943-3362 2:03:44

Pt 2 Dear Weave Addicts, Please Call & Explai...

3 weeks ago     6,894 Views    
dear-weave-addicts-please-call-explain-how-ur-love-for-weave-isn-t-self-h8-213-943-3362 2:04:08

Dear Weave Addicts, Please Call & Explain How...

3 weeks ago     10,729 Views    
new-video-shows-rajon-rando-actually-did-spittle-on-chris-paul-in-lakers-vs-rockets-game 10:55

New Video Shows Rajon Rando Actually Did Spit...

3 weeks ago     46 Views    
blaque-queen-allows-boyfriend-to-impregnate-her-10-year-old-daughter-in-order-to-keep-him 10:35

Blaque Queen Allows Boyfriend To Impregnate H...

3 weeks ago     74 Views    


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