social-media-purge-too-little-too-late 1:08:23

Social Media Purge Too Little Too Late

1 day ago     1,096 Views    
an-explanation-of-expansion-in-hebrew-using-brashith 13:08

An Explanation Of Expansion In Hebrew Using B...

2 days ago     35 Views    
for-those-interested-paleo-hebrew-and-brashith 13:06

For Those Interested, Paleo Hebrew And Brashith

2 days ago     295 Views    
a-prophecy-and-promise-inside-in-the-beginning 17:58

A Prophecy And Promise Inside "In The Beginning"

4 days ago     33 Views    
the-lies-and-hypocrisy-of-the-left 16:26

The Lies And Hypocrisy Of The Left

5 days ago     531 Views    
no-more-civility-this-is-not-politics-but-sedition 1:07:56

No More Civility! This Is Not Politics, But S...

6 days ago     1,439 Views    
radical-socialists 07:46

Radical Socialists

1 week ago     378 Views    
the-left-s-metagrabolizing 1:03:46

The Left's Metagrabolizing

1 week ago     746 Views    
a-stroll-in-the-mountains-and-james-1-27 24:40

A Stroll In The Mountains And James 1 27

1 week ago     54 Views    
a-short-tour-of-sundance-ski-resort 13:12

A Short Tour Of Sundance Ski Resort

1 week ago     23 Views    
my-comments-will-be-considered-information-terrorism 1:19:09

My Comments Will Be Considered Information Te...

1 week ago     1,637 Views    
expressing-your-opinion-now-information-terrorism 10:21

Expressing Your Opinion Now "Information Terr...

2 weeks ago     416 Views    
criminal-cover-up-las-vegas-massacre-a-year-ago 1:01:33

Criminal Cover-Up: Las Vegas Massacre A Year Ago

2 weeks ago     1,360 Views    
blackouts 09:11


2 weeks ago     385 Views    
a-beer-for-solidarity-with-judge-brett-kavanaugh 10:31

A Beer For Solidarity With Judge Brett Kavanaugh

2 weeks ago     382 Views    
christine-ford-cia-connections 09:46

Christine Ford CIA Connections

2 weeks ago     571 Views    
why-the-desperation-and-evil-of-the-deep-state-and-shadow-government 06:05


2 weeks ago     66 Views    
two-clarifications-on-last-video-no-timidity-accomodation 04:31

Two Clarifications On Last Video "No Timidity...

3 weeks ago     223 Views    
not-the-season-for-timidity-nor-accomodation 1:10:30

Not The Season For Timidity Nor Accomodation

3 weeks ago     1,281 Views    
a-tour-of-park-city-utah-and-the-2002-olympic-facility 29:54

A Tour Of Park City, Utah And The 2002 Olympi...

3 weeks ago     16 Views    


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