searching-crystal-clear-whitewater-park-for-lost-valuables-freezing-temperatures 10:03

Searching Crystal Clear Whitewater Park for L...

5 days ago     92,316 Views    
found-diamond-wedding-ring-metal-detecting-underwater-5-000-returned-to-owner 16:38

Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Un...

1 week ago     116,056 Views    
searching-bottom-of-lake-for-lost-valuables-over-1-000-worth-of-finds 16:33

Searching Bottom of Lake for Lost Valuables! ...

2 weeks ago     4,530 Views    
celebrating-6-million-subscribers-on-youtube-unbelievable-scuba-jake 16:25

Celebrating 6 Million Subscribers on YouTube!...

2 weeks ago     6,020 Views    
found-a-working-iphone-underwater-in-a-waterproof-bag-scuba-diving 12:43

Found a Working iPhone Underwater in a Waterp...

1 month ago     45 Views    
i-found-4-apple-watches-5-phones-and-a-gopro-underwater-in-the-river-scuba-diving 13:52

I Found 4 Apple Watches, 5 Phones and a GoPro...

1 month ago     931 Views    
found-sunken-car-underwater-in-the-river-while-scuba-diving-city-awards-me 12:24

Found Sunken Car Underwater in the River Whil...

1 month ago     23 Views    
found-a-rifle-underwater-in-the-river-while-scuba-diving-unbelievable-find 10:06

Found a Rifle Underwater in the River While S...

1 month ago     3,190 Views    
i-found-a-gun-underwater-while-scuba-diving-at-a-bridge-police-called 11:08

I Found a Gun Underwater While Scuba Diving a...

1 month ago     45 Views    
i-found-an-iphone-ipod-and-a-selfie-stick-underwater-in-the-river-scuba-diving 13:10

I Found an iPhone, iPod and a Selfie Stick Un...

1 month ago     22 Views    
i-found-a-gopro-camera-underwater-while-scuba-diving-returned-to-owner 10:46

I Found a GoPro Camera Underwater While Scuba...

2 months ago     94,247 Views    
i-found-a-crashed-drone-underwater-while-scuba-diving-returned-to-owner 17:30

I Found a Crashed Drone Underwater While Scub...

2 months ago     89,770 Views    
i-found-a-fidget-spinner-5-phones-and-a-bike-underwater-in-the-river-scuba-diving 13:34

I Found a Fidget Spinner, 5 Phones and a Bike...

2 months ago     321,042 Views    
found-iphone-underwater-while-scuba-diving-a-boat-ramp-what-s-under-the-boat-ramp 15:54

Found iPhone Underwater While Scuba Diving a ...

2 months ago     202,569 Views    
found-sunken-truck-underwater-in-the-river-at-boat-ramp-recovered-truck-for-owner 11:33

Found Sunken Truck Underwater in the River at...

2 months ago     86,840 Views    
i-found-a-juul-underwater-in-the-river-while-scuba-diving-river-treasure 15:01

I Found a JUUL Underwater in the River While ...

3 months ago     26 Views    
i-found-an-iphone-underwater-in-the-river-while-swimming-river-treasure 10:05

I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River Whi...

3 months ago     40 Views    
i-found-a-police-stun-gun-underwater-in-the-river-things-found-underwater 10:50

I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the R...

3 months ago     33 Views    
found-gopro-while-exploring-underwater-in-the-river-lost-footage-found 22:08

Found GoPro While Exploring Underwater in the...

3 months ago     42 Views    
i-found-money-while-cleaning-trash-pile-underwater-in-river-scuba-diving 11:20

I Found Money While Cleaning Trash Pile Under...

3 months ago     35 Views    


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