Mikaela Long

my-apartment-is-haunted-except-not-really 12:01

my apartment is haunted (except not really)

20 hours ago     2,381 Views    
how-to-give-boys-trust-issues-like-a-pro 11:53

how to give boys trust issues *like a pro*

1 week ago     47 Views    
do-kylie-s-ig-filters-match-her-actual-lip-kits 10:01

do Kylie's IG filters match her actual lip kits?

2 weeks ago     4,569 Views    
me-playing-the-sims-and-myself 11:41

me playing The Sims and myself

3 weeks ago     1,768 Views    
pull-an-all-nighter-with-me 11:14

pull an all nighter with me!

1 month ago     3,240 Views    
girls-night-out-very-basic 11:03

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT *very basic*

1 month ago     87,813 Views    
mixing-all-my-kylie-lip-kits-together-badly 11:45

mixing all my kylie lip kits together *badly*

1 month ago     97,426 Views    
i-got-an-apartment 12:37


1 month ago     157,352 Views    
trying-to-follow-barbie-s-life-advice 11:28

trying to follow Barbie’s life advice

2 months ago     155,119 Views    
recreating-my-old-selfies-unfortunately 10:01

recreating my old selfies unfortunately

2 months ago     61,678 Views    
doing-my-everyday-makeup-routine-while-crying-lol 10:40

doing my everyday makeup routine while crying...

2 months ago     48 Views    
my-mom-and-i-do-each-other-s-makeup-blindfolded 10:09

my mom and i do each other's makeup blindfolded

2 months ago     1,379 Views    
the-tea-on-tea-accounts 10:54

the tea on tea accounts

3 months ago     2,285 Views    
trying-asmr-for-the-first-time 10:06

trying ASMR for the first time

3 months ago     775 Views    
pretending-like-everything-s-fine-again 10:28

pretending like everything's fine again

3 months ago     1,898 Views    
danny-gonzalez-and-drew-gooden-do-my-makeup 10:13

Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden do my makeup

3 months ago     2,237 Views    
why-are-faux-freckles-controversial 13:06

why are faux freckles controversial?

4 months ago     1,858 Views    
doing-my-makeup-using-only-art-supplies 10:43

doing my makeup using only art supplies

4 months ago     47 Views    
drunk-stories 11:58

dRunK sToRiEs

4 months ago     2,326 Views    
questioning-my-love-for-new-kylie-lip-kits-rare 10:22

questioning my love for new kylie lip kits *r...

5 months ago     2,162 Views    


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