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sen-rubio-on-hurricane-michael-recovery-khashoggi-case 06:28

Sen. Rubio on Hurricane Michael recovery, Kha...

2 hours ago     42 Views    
ingraham-democrats-use-victimhood-as-midterm-strategy 07:53

Ingraham: Democrats use victimhood as midterm...

3 hours ago     50 Views    
sean-hannity-to-interview-rush-limbaugh 00:34

Sean Hannity to interview Rush Limbaugh

3 hours ago     142 Views    
bongino-spicer-expose-the-left-s-mob-rule-tactics 06:01

Bongino, Spicer expose the left's mob-rule ta...

4 hours ago     135 Views    
carter-page-on-why-he-is-suing-the-democratic-party 03:23

Carter Page on why he is suing the Democratic...

4 hours ago     51 Views    
affirmative-action-lawsuit-against-harvard-goes-to-trial 03:03

Affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard go...

4 hours ago     327 Views    
hillary-clinton-defends-bill-lewinsky-was-an-adult 05:52

Hillary Clinton defends Bill: Lewinsky 'was a...

5 hours ago     49 Views    
shapiro-midterms-won-t-be-walk-in-the-park-for-dems 04:58

Shapiro: Midterms won't be walk in the park f...

6 hours ago     47 Views    
microsoft-co-founder-paul-allen-dies-at-65 00:27

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies at 65

7 hours ago     65 Views    
stormy-daniels-defamation-suit-against-trump-dismissed 00:40

Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump ...

7 hours ago     50 Views    
report-saudis-preparing-to-admit-khashoggi-was-killed 03:01

Report: Saudis preparing to admit Khashoggi w...

7 hours ago     138 Views    
gutfeld-on-elizabeth-warren-s-dna-result-claim 09:49

Gutfeld on Elizabeth Warren's DNA result claim

8 hours ago     43 Views    
trump-on-khashoggi-warren-dna-test-immigration-policy 03:31

Trump on Khashoggi, Warren DNA test, immigrat...

9 hours ago     33 Views    
should-warren-have-released-dna-test-after-midterms 05:42

Should Warren have released DNA test after mi...

10 hours ago     252 Views    
ronna-mcdaniel-donations-translate-to-boots-on-the-ground 03:43

Ronna McDaniel: Donations translate to 'boots...

12 hours ago     122 Views    
what-to-expect-when-fusion-gps-boss-simpson-appears-on-hill 05:47

What to expect when Fusion GPS boss Simpson a...

12 hours ago     72 Views    
search-and-recovery-efforts-continue-in-mexico-beach 02:00

Search and recovery efforts continue in Mexic...

14 hours ago     50 Views    
newt-gingrich-s-honest-look-at-the-2018-midterm-races 05:32

Newt Gingrich's honest look at the 2018 midte...

17 hours ago     50 Views    
white-house-reacts-to-heated-60-minutes-interview 08:47

White House reacts to heated '60 Minutes' int...

17 hours ago     83 Views    
capitalism-vs-socialism-economist-george-gilder-weighs-in 14:10

Capitalism vs. socialism: economist George Gi...

1 day ago     113 Views    


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