La Guardia Cross

i-did-something-dumb 02:50

I did something dumb

1 week ago     19,921 Views    
baby-brother-interview-with-a-3-year-old 03:22

Baby Brother | Interview With A 3-Year-Old

3 weeks ago     659 Views    
4-tips-for-toddler-parents 01:58

4 Tips For Toddler Parents

4 weeks ago     600 Views    
i-let-my-toddler-do-the-baby-s-hair 03:01

I Let My Toddler Do The Baby's Hair

1 month ago     658 Views    
cross-family-q-live 52:41

Cross Family Q LIVE

1 month ago     4,422 Views    
interview-with-kids-kids-rate-dad 03:34

Interview With Kids | Kids Rate Dad

1 month ago     49 Views    
how-dad-does-baby-daughter-s-hair-6-step-guide 02:43

How Dad Does Baby Daughter's Hair | 6 Step Guide

1 month ago     102 Views    
moment-of-truth 01:52

moment of truth

1 month ago     1,341 Views    
grandparents-love-the-grandkids-more 04:14

Grandparents Love The Grandkids MORE!

1 month ago     48 Views    
interview-with-a-toddler-and-baby 04:50

Interview With A Toddler and Baby

2 months ago     25,109 Views    
phone-interview-with-my-1-year-old 03:44

Phone Interview With My 1-Year-Old

2 months ago     60,070 Views    
morning-routine-with-baby-and-toddler-educational 05:55

Morning Routine With Baby And Toddler *educat...

3 months ago     84,233 Views    
cross-family-level-up-dance-challenge 02:36

Cross Family Level Up Dance Challenge

3 months ago     48 Views    
i-m-a-manservant-and-love-it 03:02

I'm a Manservant AND LOVE IT!

3 months ago     975 Views    
3-year-old-does-mommy-s-makeup 03:20

3-year-old Does Mommy's Makeup

4 months ago     44 Views    
interview-with-my-girls-sister-lessons 03:11

Interview With My Girls | Sister Lessons

4 months ago     144 Views    
leah-s-home 04:05

Leah's Home

4 months ago     36 Views    
almost-lost-my-wife 06:37

almost lost my wife

4 months ago     42 Views    
i-will-not-be-a-manservant-on-father-s-day 03:24

I Will NOT Be A Manservant On Father's Day!

5 months ago     45 Views    
interview-with-my-girls-in-the-car 02:12

Interview With My Girls In The Car

5 months ago     494 Views    


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