Joseph Carter

kung-fu-master-muskrat-vs-novice-mink 16:12

Kung Fu Master Muskrat vs Novice Mink

2 days ago     36,216 Views    
brocc-the-mink-eradicates-rat-infestation-with-a-pack-of-dogs 14:17


5 days ago     22,980 Views    
bringing-home-my-malinois-dutch-shepherd-puppy 12:03

Bringing Home My Malinois/Dutch Shepherd Puppy

1 week ago     21,464 Views    
first-ever-footage-of-2-mink-tag-teaming-a-muskrat 10:55

FIRST EVER Footage of 2 Mink Tag-teaming a Mu...

1 week ago     24,125 Views    
minkenry-dog-test-i-was-attacked 11:10

Minkenry Dog Test. I WAS ATTACKED!!!!

1 week ago     25,243 Views    
exterminating-big-rats-in-the-big-city-with-mink-and-terriers 24:07

Exterminating Big Rats in the Big City with M...

2 weeks ago     25,063 Views    
episode-black-mamba-catching-big-fish-black-mamba-born-to-hunt 10:50

Episode - Black Mamba Catching Big Fish | Bla...

3 weeks ago     49 Views    
1st-day-hunting-on-the-east-coast 07:34

1st Day Hunting on the East Coast

3 weeks ago     51 Views    
i-m-on-my-way 01:30

I'm On My Way!!!!!

3 weeks ago     44 Views    
pack-of-mink-vs-a-swarm-of-muskrats 22:54

PACK of Mink VS a SWARM of Muskrats!

3 weeks ago     265 Views    
episode-8-mamba-the-rat-slayer-black-mamba-born-to-hunt 08:41

Episode 8- Mamba the Rat Slayer! | Black Mamb...

4 weeks ago     136 Views    
answering-common-questions-and-update-on-malinois-dutch-shepherd-puppy 10:11

Answering Common Questions and Update on Mali...

1 month ago     82 Views    
new-record-70-rats-mink-and-dogs-eradicate-rats 20:03

NEW RECORD 70 RATS! Mink and Dogs Eradicate r...

1 month ago     50 Views    
mink-handling-101 11:20

Mink Handling 101

1 month ago     150 Views    
amazing-repeating-rat-trap 12:44

Amazing Repeating Rat Trap!

1 month ago     50 Views    
mink-and-dog-cleanup-backyard-rats-part-2 08:33

Mink and Dog Cleanup Backyard Rats Part 2

1 month ago     46 Views    
malinois-dutch-shepherd-puppy-update 08:33

Malinois/Dutch Shepherd Puppy Update

2 months ago     53 Views    
what-does-mink-man-do-everyday 29:18

What Does Mink Man Do Everyday?

2 months ago     21,026 Views    
my-mink-brocc-and-rocky-hunting-muskrats 18:15

My Mink Brocc and Rocky Hunting Muskrats

2 months ago     28,275 Views    
brocc-the-mink-helps-us-net-muskrats-at-the-park 10:41

Brocc the Mink Helps Us Net Muskrats at the Park

2 months ago     53,009 Views    


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