do-they-know-something-about-yellowstone-supervolcano-near-the-very-high-alert-level 10:45

Do they KNOW something about Yellowstone Supe...

2 weeks ago     468 Views    
oh-my-i-can-t-believe-i-actually-saw-it-they-are-very-real 25:35

Oh my...I can't believe I actually SAW it! - ...

2 weeks ago     594 Views    
plane-encounters-issues-as-it-nears-bermuda-triangle-then-goes-missing 03:50

Plane encounters "issues" as it nears 'Bermud...

2 weeks ago     49 Views    
scary-skies-people-freak-out-as-skies-above-earth-look-outta-this-world 12:51

"Scary Skies" - People 'Freak Out' as skies a...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
triple-twisters-spotted-on-ground-near-cardinals-stadium-in-glendale-arizona 01:42

Triple "Twisters" spotted on ground near Card...

3 weeks ago     47 Views    
hurricane-so-strong-it-washed-away-an-island-gone 06:23

Hurricane SO strong it washed away an Island ...

3 weeks ago     154 Views    
it-has-happened-to-every-us-territory-island-in-12-months-cat5-yutu-landfall-guam 04:28

It has happened to EVERY US Territory Island ...

3 weeks ago     37 Views    
yutu-creating-david-goliath-situation-in-west-pacific-this-is-big 06:47

YUTU creating David & Goliath situation in We...

3 weeks ago     51 Views    
strange-skies-appear-out-of-no-where-over-phoenix-area-crazy-clouds-hail 01:11

Strange Skies appear out of NO WHERE over Pho...

3 weeks ago     672 Views    
antarctica-new-nasa-image-reveals-perfect-giant-iceberg-really 05:34

ANTARCTICA - New NASA image reveals PERFECT g...

3 weeks ago     43 Views    
some-wild-views-of-our-wild-planet-getting-more-fascinating-by-the-day 01:13

Some WILD views of our wild planet! - Getting...

3 weeks ago     294 Views    
really-weird-coincidence-seems-almost-impossible-but-true 04:50

Really WEIRD coincidence! - Seems almost impo...

3 weeks ago     350 Views    
the-results-of-cloud-ufo-high-end-hurricane-getting-stronger-willa 05:28

The results of Cloud/UFO | High-end Hurricane...

3 weeks ago     127 Views    
tornado-spotted-in-arizona-cat-4-hurricane-to-devour-tropical-storm-and-head-inland 06:48

Tornado spotted in ARIZONA - CAT 4 Hurricane ...

3 weeks ago     525 Views    
water-gushing-so-hard-almost-appears-to-be-coming-out-of-the-ground-trinadad-tobago 06:45

Water GUSHING so hard almost appears to be co...

3 weeks ago     224 Views    
something-global-seems-to-have-the-atmosphere-energized-many-new-records-being-set 13:10

Something GLOBAL seems to have the atmosphere...

3 weeks ago     105 Views    
a-rare-rainbow-the-likes-you-have-probably-never-seen 04:36

A Rare Rainbow the likes you have probably NE...

3 weeks ago     260 Views    
what-are-these-voting-video-2-mysteries-in-the-skies-you-decide 06:35

What ARE these? - Voting Video #2 - Mysteries...

3 weeks ago     45 Views    
man-in-awe-of-mysterious-red-cloud-in-the-dark-of-night 02:45

Man in AWE of mysterious red "cloud" in the d...

4 weeks ago     49 Views    
did-a-moon-video-cause-the-global-youtube-outage 03:26

Did a MOON video cause the GLOBAL Youtube out...

4 weeks ago     29 Views    


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