old-school-from-the-truck-long-term-investing-in-cryptos-401-hodlk 37:56

Old school from the truck! Long term investin...

1 day ago     622 Views    
my-wife-at-the-winery-undercover-recording 02:56

My wife at the winery! Undercover recording!!!

2 days ago     224 Views    
continuing-from-last-feed-pluck-that-computer-i-m-going-old-school 18:21

Continuing from last feed! Pluck that compute...

3 days ago     473 Views    
to-john-kim-and-everyone-else-doing-their-best-its-all-worth-it 25:51

To John Kim, and everyone else doing their be...

3 days ago     764 Views    
just-between-you-and-me-its-time-to-take-our-freedom-back 24:17

Just between you and me, Its time to take our...

4 days ago     62 Views    
take-two 31:41

Take two!

5 days ago     849 Views    
bakkt-to-the-moon-fidelity-stable-coins-oh-my-cryptos-are-getting-sexy-again 44:59

Bakkt to the Moon!!! Fidelity!! Stable Coins ...

6 days ago     1,473 Views    
cryptos-are-the-answer-only-a-few-know-though-you-me-and-fidelity 39:14

Cryptos are the answer! Only a few know thoug...

1 week ago     1,237 Views    
bitcoin-ben-is-on-a-fishing-trip-i-ll-return-monday 01:41

Bitcoin Ben is on a fishing trip!! I’ll retur...

1 week ago     53 Views    
trump-vs-the-global-banks-market-drop-and-how-does-this-help-crypto 41:26

Trump vs The Global Banks! Market drop, and h...

1 week ago     1,337 Views    
bitcoin-ben-jsnpi4-bix-weir-livestream 1:06:18


1 week ago     50 Views    
mastercard-making-more-moves-into-crypto-s-gmo-to-launch-yen-pegged-stablecoin-and-more 57:35

Mastercard making more moves into Crypto's, G...

1 week ago     1,629 Views    
woowoo-monday-frequency-and-hows-its-used-to-communicate-with-us-and-alter-our-moods 54:37

WooWoo monday- Frequency and hows its used to...

2 weeks ago     1,129 Views    
bitcoin-ben-up-early-sunday-morning-live-chat-whats-next-for-crypto-s-and-the-world 59:18

Bitcoin Ben- Up early Sunday morning Live Cha...

2 weeks ago     897 Views    
now-that-yale-is-hodling-everyone-else-will-follow-colleges-states-pensions-and-more 52:06

Now that Yale is HODLing, everyone else will ...

2 weeks ago     1,320 Views    
bullish-bearish-dontgiveaplucki-mridingthisbitchforthelongtermish-lol 42:11

Bullish? Bearish? DontGiveAPluckI’mRidingThis...

2 weeks ago     1,418 Views    
ok-clif-high-am-i-way-off-on-this-woowoo-monday 44:46

Ok Clif High, am I way off on this? WooWoo Mo...

3 weeks ago     1,568 Views    
bitcoin-ben-meetup-in-oklahoma-city-nov-10th-at-2pm-special-guest-ckj-crypto-news 29:41

Bitcoin Ben Meetup in Oklahoma City, Nov 10th...

3 weeks ago     888 Views    
warning-political-rant-ahead-watch-at-your-own-risk-strong-language 46:30

WARNING ⚠️ Political Rant Ahead! Watch at you...

3 weeks ago     2,313 Views    
cryptos-are-bigger-than-money-they-are-a-store-of-time 35:31

Cryptos are bigger than money! They are a sto...

3 weeks ago     1,229 Views    


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