sen-chuck-grassley-hits-avenatti-swetnick-with-a-potential-three-part-investigation-video 12:26

Sen. Chuck Grassley Hits Avenatti & Swetnick ...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
sara-carter-reveals-who-coordinated-the-caravan-two-key-steps-to-halt-it-video 11:11

Sara Carter Reveals WHO Coordinated The Carav...

2 weeks ago     175 Views    
shepard-smith-tries-to-blame-trump-guest-chris-wallace-makes-him-instantly-regret-it-video 04:24

Shepard Smith Tries To Blame Trump Guest Chri...

2 weeks ago     112 Views    
sarah-sanders-breaks-her-silence-reveals-how-dems-are-responsible-for-caravan-chaos-video 15:15

Sarah Sanders Breaks Her Silence Reveals How ...

2 weeks ago     2 Views    
greg-gutfeld-snaps-on-juan-williams-after-he-blames-trump-for-packages-video 10:44

Greg Gutfeld Snaps On Juan Williams After He ...

2 weeks ago     53 Views    
it-all-hit-the-fan-when-the-secret-service-dropped-a-bombshell-about-bill-clinton-video 14:09

It All Hit The Fan When The Secret Service Dr...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
all-hell-breaks-loose-after-tucker-asks-jorge-how-many-caravan-migrants-he-ll-will-take-in-video 11:56

All Hell Breaks Loose After Tucker Asks Jorge...

2 weeks ago     122 Views    
laura-ingraham-shut-down-this-democrat-with-this-bombshell-scandal-video 10:01

Laura Ingraham Shut Down THIS Democrat With T...

3 weeks ago     16 Views    
all-hell-broke-loose-when-mike-pence-revealed-who-funded-the-migrant-caravan-video 13:33

All Hell Broke Loose When Mike Pence Revealed...

3 weeks ago     32 Views    
reporter-proves-trump-100-right-finds-nasty-surprise-lurking-in-caravan-video 14:08

Reporter Proves Trump 100% Right Finds Nasty ...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
kellyanne-conway-lights-up-democrats-on-migrant-caravan-video 13:38

Kellyanne Conway Lights Up Democrats On Migra...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
fox-news-contributor-sara-carter-reveals-unreported-truth-about-the-migrant-caravan-video 11:45

Fox News Contributor Sara Carter Reveals Unre...

3 weeks ago     193 Views    
sarah-sanders-lights-up-democrats-on-migrant-caravan-video 15:15

Sarah Sanders Lights Up Democrats On Migrant ...

3 weeks ago     30 Views    
federal-judge-just-looked-at-clintons-and-was-completely-dumbfounded-hillary-is-going-to-jail 14:29

Federal Judge Just Looked At Clintons And Was...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
democrats-turn-on-hillary-clinton-she-s-gone-too-far-this-time-video 12:11

Democrats Turn On Hillary Clinton She’s Gone ...

3 weeks ago     179 Views    
federal-judge-releases-benghazi-evidence-hillary-goes-into-complete-panic-video 12:45

Federal Judge Releases Benghazi Evidence Hill...

3 weeks ago     102 Views    
lindsey-graham-offers-the-ultimate-dna-challenge-in-response-to-warren-s-results-video 10:22

Lindsey Graham Offers The Ultimate DNA Challe...

3 weeks ago     15 Views    
lindsey-graham-slams-dianne-feinstein-for-support-of-new-kavanaugh-investigation-video 12:05

Lindsey Graham Slams Dianne Feinstein For Sup...

3 weeks ago     35 Views    
dianne-feinstein-not-finished-going-after-kavanaugh-with-another-investigation-video 10:52

Dianne Feinstein Not Finished Going After Kav...

3 weeks ago     6 Views    
justice-fbi-raids-san-juan-mayor-s-office-it-s-bad-folks-video 14:03

Justice: FBI Raids San Juan Mayor’s Office It...

4 weeks ago     47 Views    


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