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dog-abandoned-at-gas-station-finds-cutest-way-to-ask-someone-for-help 02:18

Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Finds Cutest Way...

1 day ago     34,742 Views    
abandoned-kitten-found-on-highway-can-t-stop-thanking-her-rescuers 01:44

Abandoned Kitten Found on Highway Can't Stop ...

2 days ago     55,927 Views    
two-art-loving-cats-won-t-give-up-on-trying-to-enter-art-museum-for-years 02:38

Two Art-Loving Cats Won't Give Up On Trying T...

4 days ago     41,021 Views    
this-grumpy-street-cat-makes-everyone-at-shelter-fall-in-love-with-him 01:49

This Grumpy Street Cat Makes Everyone At Shel...

1 week ago     37,482 Views    
rescued-pit-bull-gets-kitten-sister-loves-her-more-than-anything 02:02

Rescued Pit Bull Gets Kitten Sister, Loves He...

2 weeks ago     69 Views    
cat-invades-fashion-show-and-teaches-models-how-to-walk-the-real-catwalk 01:21

Cat Invades Fashion Show And Teaches Models H...

2 weeks ago     87 Views    
this-cat-does-not-let-a-spiked-fence-stop-him-to-meet-his-girlfriend 01:12

This Cat Does Not Let a Spiked Fence Stop Him...

2 weeks ago     57 Views    
woman-catches-her-dog-who-escapes-to-mcdonald-s-and-pretends-to-be-stray-to-get-burgers 01:14

Woman Catches Her Dog Who Escapes To McDonald...

2 weeks ago     60 Views    
couple-saves-stray-kitten-who-show-up-to-them-crying-for-help-during-storm 02:01

Couple Saves Stray Kitten Who Show Up To Them...

2 weeks ago     87 Views    
stray-mama-cat-found-struggling-to-feed-9-kittens-while-she-herself-starving 02:13

Stray Mama Cat Found Struggling to Feed 9 Kit...

3 weeks ago     56 Views    
dog-and-cat-decide-to-be-friends-after-living-together-for-13-years 02:16

Dog And Cat Decide To Be Friends After Living...

3 weeks ago     52 Views    
this-cat-runs-outside-his-home-every-morning-to-greet-his-neighbor 01:56

This Cat Runs Outside His Home Every Morning ...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
these-cats-may-be-hilarious-but-they-ve-been-caught-red-pawed 01:48

These Cats May Be Hilarious, But They've Been...

3 weeks ago     62 Views    
15-year-old-stray-cat-is-unwanted-until-a-kind-hearted-man-met-him 02:24

15-year-old Stray Cat Is Unwanted, Until a Ki...

3 weeks ago     83 Views    
dog-steals-dad-s-dentures-while-he-sleeps-and-gets-a-hilarious-smile 01:44

Dog Steals Dad’s Dentures While He Sleeps And...

3 weeks ago     46 Views    
family-let-a-stray-cat-in-from-the-cold-3-weeks-later-she-delivered-these 02:05

Family Let A Stray Cat In From The Cold, 3 We...

3 weeks ago     50 Views    
this-adorable-cat-is-an-official-hotel-mousekeeper-with-name-tag 01:50

This Adorable Cat Is An Official Hotel MouseK...

4 weeks ago     51 Views    
this-dog-raised-a-kitten-with-thumbs-into-the-cuddliest-cat 02:36

This Dog Raised a Kitten With Thumbs Into The...

4 weeks ago     58 Views    
this-man-rescues-a-stray-kitten-she-can-t-stop-thanking-him 01:57

This Man Rescues a Stray Kitten, She Can’t St...

1 month ago     67 Views    
these-cats-didn-t-have-time-to-pose-for-your-annoying-selfies 01:48

These Cats Didn't Have Time to Pose for Your ...

1 month ago     61 Views    


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