Chris Ramsay

the-hardest-puzzle-ever-1000-phone-puzzle-box-level-10 20:50

The HARDEST Puzzle Ever!! - $1000 Phone Puzzl...

6 days ago     31 Views    
i-learned-how-to-pick-all-of-these-locks 14:37

I Learned How to Pick All of these Locks!!

1 week ago     47 Views    
sleight-of-hand-in-slow-motion-is-the-hand-quicker-than-the-eye-bad-idea 11:55

Sleight of Hand in SLOW MOTION - Is the hand ...

2 weeks ago     461 Views    
the-way-they-handle-playing-cards-is-unreal 11:36

The way they Handle Playing Cards is UNREAL!!

2 weeks ago     52 Views    
the-impossible-thor-s-hammer-puzzle 16:27

The IMPOSSIBLE Thor's Hammer Puzzle!!

2 weeks ago     1,656 Views    
spending-10-000-in-a-magic-shop 12:25

Spending $10,000 in a Magic Shop!!

3 weeks ago     874 Views    
solving-the-bitcoin-block-chain-puzzle 14:04

Solving the BITCOIN Block Chain Puzzle!!

3 weeks ago     728 Views    
magician-stereotypes 11:39


3 weeks ago     37 Views    
solving-the-impossible-almost-pad-lock-puzzle 17:18

Solving the IMPOSSIBLE (almost) Pad Lock Puzz...

1 month ago     47,451 Views    
solving-the-ancient-treasure-puzzle-box 10:59

Solving the ANCIENT TREASURE Puzzle Box!!

1 month ago     46,876 Views    
solving-the-canon-donut-nail-puzzles 18:16

Solving the Canon, Donut & Nail Puzzles!!

1 month ago     39,852 Views    
this-puzzle-holds-a-secret-solved 11:19

This Puzzle Holds a Secret... (Solved)

1 month ago     168,078 Views    
how-fast-can-this-puzzle-be-solved-magic-collection 13:51

How FAST can this Puzzle be Solved?! (Magic C...

1 month ago     144,692 Views    
solving-the-world-s-most-bizarre-puzzle 13:55

Solving the World's MOST BIZARRE Puzzle!!

2 months ago     224,727 Views    
searching-for-the-best-magic-trick 16:56

Searching for the BEST Magic Trick!!

2 months ago     73,003 Views    
solving-the-mystery-question-mark-puzzle-box 10:21

Solving the MYSTERY Question Mark Puzzle Box!!

2 months ago     24 Views    
reacting-to-insane-cardistry-cardistry-con-championship 13:48

Reacting to INSANE Cardistry!! (Cardistry Con...

2 months ago     1,713 Views    
solving-the-impossible-revenge-puzzle-level-10 15:35

Solving the IMPOSSIBLE REVENGE Puzzle!! Level...

2 months ago     5 Views    
the-magic-of-germany 14:16


2 months ago     18 Views    
massive-puzzle-playing-card-giveaway 08:40


3 months ago     40 Views    


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