democrats-are-vying-to-win-over-latino-voters 03:05

Democrats are vying to win over Latino voters

1 hour ago     93 Views    
marco-rubio-worth-blowing-up-us-saudi-relationship 05:42

Marco Rubio: Worth blowing up US-Saudi relati...

1 hour ago     160 Views    
trump-voter-we-ve-got-a-crazy-man-driving-the-train 05:21

Trump voter: We've got a crazy man driving th...

3 hours ago     150 Views    
inside-georgia-democrats-voter-protection-war 03:49

Inside Georgia Democrats' 'voter protection' war

11 hours ago     101 Views    
don-lemon-trump-trusts-dictators-but-not-own-administration 07:20

Don Lemon: Trump trusts dictators but not own...

11 hours ago     62 Views    
chris-cuomo-i-wanted-this-to-be-fake 05:05

Chris Cuomo: I wanted this to be fake

14 hours ago     57 Views    
artist-s-hidden-message-in-trump-painting 06:19

Artist's hidden message in Trump painting

14 hours ago     232 Views    
trump-i-didn-t-say-that-he-did 08:53

Trump: ‘I didn’t say that.’ (He did.)

15 hours ago     43 Views    
cherokee-nation-elizabeth-warren-s-dna-test-is-useless 05:33

Cherokee Nation: Elizabeth Warren's DNA test ...

15 hours ago     48 Views    
gop-voter-everything-trump-represents-makes-me-sick 04:17

GOP voter: Everything Trump represents makes ...

15 hours ago     38 Views    
judge-dismisses-stormy-daniels-defamation-lawsuit 03:44

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation la...

16 hours ago     464 Views    
trump-james-mattis-is-sort-of-a-democrat 07:47

Trump: James Mattis is 'sort of a Democrat'

19 hours ago     36 Views    
tapper-calls-out-trump-s-history-of-believing-denials 07:46

Tapper calls out Trump's history of believing...

19 hours ago     154 Views    
saudis-preparing-to-admit-khashoggi-was-killed 05:25

Saudis preparing to admit Khashoggi was killed

20 hours ago     33 Views    
chris-cillizza-trump-has-a-denial-double-standard 05:13

Chris Cillizza: Trump has a denial double sta...

21 hours ago     225 Views    
hillary-clinton-lewinsky-affair-was-not-abuse-of-power 05:23

Hillary Clinton: Lewinsky affair was not abus...

21 hours ago     47 Views    
trump-voter-i-m-afraid-of-dictator-in-white-house 06:51

Trump voter: I'm afraid of dictator in White ...

1 day ago     49 Views    
elizabeth-warren-releases-dna-test-results 05:02

Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test results

1 day ago     47 Views    
meghan-markle-expecting-first-child-with-prince-harry 02:36

Meghan Markle expecting first child with Prin...

1 day ago     31 Views    
cnn-poll-more-see-trump-win-likely-as-biden-leads-democrats 08:16

CNN Poll: More see Trump win likely as Biden ...

1 day ago     15 Views    


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