first-interaction-with-baby-bump 15:53

First Interaction with Baby Bump!!!

1 day ago     130,470 Views    
she-took-our-sleeping-pills 15:39

She Took Our Sleeping Pills!!!

2 days ago     83,007 Views    
finding-out-about-our-unexpected-pregnancy 10:46

Finding Out About Our Unexpected Pregnancy...

4 days ago     154,524 Views    
my-daughter-sleeps-on-the-floor-every-night 10:12

My Daughter Sleeps On The Floor Every Night!!

5 days ago     62,812 Views    
bug-freakout 10:54

Bug Freakout!

1 week ago     934 Views    
her-pregnancy-munchies-have-begun 14:15

Her Pregnancy Munchies Have Begun!

1 week ago     1,427 Views    
we-were-forced-to-sleep-outside 11:07

We Were Forced To Sleep Outside!

1 week ago     54,595 Views    
she-is-using-her-first-words 12:36

She Is Using Her First Words!!!

1 week ago     67,122 Views    
this-feels-weird-to-talk-about 11:02

This Feels Weird To Talk About...

1 week ago     52,173 Views    
pregnancy-announcement 03:58

Pregnancy Announcement!!

2 weeks ago     316,181 Views    
his-first-potty-training-accident 13:17

His First Potty Training Accident!

2 weeks ago     136,765 Views    
she-panicked 14:04

She Panicked!!!

2 weeks ago     58,020 Views    
best-birthday-present-i-have-ever-received 13:53

Best Birthday Present I Have Ever Received.

2 weeks ago     45,369 Views    
he-s-always-testing-my-patience 11:30

He's Always Testing My Patience!

2 weeks ago     48,800 Views    
she-wouldn-t-say-this-on-camera 15:14

She Wouldn't Say This On Camera..

3 weeks ago     69,282 Views    
we-have-a-favorite-child 10:33

We Have A Favorite Child?!?

3 weeks ago     74,991 Views    
we-needed-a-break 15:14

We Needed A Break..

3 weeks ago     65,023 Views    
kids-shocked-at-what-their-dad-does 07:22

Kids Shocked At What Their Dad Does!

3 weeks ago     75,181 Views    
showing-our-kids-new-house-tour 15:54

Showing Our Kids New House Tour!

3 weeks ago     49,623 Views    
we-messed-up-our-house-project 10:43

We Messed Up Our House Project!

3 weeks ago     98,058 Views    


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