Mark Dice

democrats-new-hope 06:10

Democrats' New Hope

1 day ago     472 Views    
grandma-gives-nbc-reporter-a-reality-check 05:50

Grandma Gives NBC Reporter A Reality Check

2 days ago     996 Views    
facebook-has-crossed-the-line 06:18

Facebook Has Crossed The Line

3 days ago     40 Views    
the-results-are-in 07:13

The Results Are In

4 days ago     5,486 Views    
guess-who-s-back 06:49

Guess Who's Back!

5 days ago     203 Views    
media-losing-their-minds-over-kanye-trump-meeting 05:12

Media Losing Their Minds Over Kanye Trump Mee...

1 week ago     2 Views    
kanye-west-talking-with-trump-in-oval-office 19:01

Kanye West Talking with Trump in Oval Office

1 week ago     274 Views    
cnn-goes-over-the-edge 06:35

CNN Goes Over the Edge

1 week ago     5,148 Views    
taylor-swift-goes-full-libtard 04:25

Taylor Swift Goes Full Libtard

1 week ago     45 Views    
democrat-leader-has-freudian-slip-and-admits-the-truth 06:31

Democrat Leader Has Freudian Slip and Admits ...

1 week ago     3,535 Views    
victory 04:54


1 week ago     1,268 Views    
susan-collins-i-will-vote-yes-on-kavanaugh-full-speech-on-senate-floor 43:29

Susan Collins: I Will Vote YES on Kavanaugh -...

2 weeks ago     42,563 Views    
here-come-the-celebrities 05:03

Here Come the Celebrities!

2 weeks ago     1,171 Views    
anything-but-that 07:24


2 weeks ago     4,664 Views    
brian-stelter-schooled-by-veteran-journalist-ted-koppel 07:54

Brian Stelter Schooled by Veteran Journalist ...

2 weeks ago     547 Views    
kavanaugh-stole-my-g-i-joe-when-i-was-six-years-old 03:53

Kavanaugh Stole My G.I. Joe When I Was Six Ye...

2 weeks ago     351 Views    
chevy-chase-rips-saturday-night-live-worst-humor-in-the-world 04:59

Chevy Chase Rips Saturday Night Live - "Worst...

2 weeks ago     2,874 Views    
the-truth-about-kavanaugh-circus 10:04

The Truth About Kavanaugh Circus

3 weeks ago     444 Views    
brett-kavanaugh-s-powerful-opening-statement 44:48

Brett Kavanaugh’s Powerful Opening Statement

3 weeks ago     1,286 Views    
something-is-wrong-with-msnbc-and-cnn 03:47

Something is Wrong with MSNBC and CNN

3 weeks ago     38 Views    


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